Dialogue of the seer

Greetings fellow travellers of destiny. I have left you this note as a warning for it is not yet safe for me to meet with you and yet the world is not safe these days and I can see there is little time left for waiting. We stand upon the brink of a new age and you shall be more instrumental to this coming dawn then anything else and yet the darkness that threatens our world threatens you all as well and at least one amongst you will turn their efforts towards a dark era that will rival the age of nightmares. but you have the power to make this change a boon to the world and usher in a age of prosperity and peace that has not been seen on Faerun for more than six thousand years. Here is the dilemma upon us:

You see only a fraction of the threat upon us all. You have seen the orcish lands beset on all sides. you correctly deduce a great war is coming but you do not see its true threat for it is not the great empire of the Orcs, nor the stony halls of of the Dwarves, or the forest realms of the Elves that shall prevail in this war nor even the cold metal realms of the gnomes. No the true enemies have scarcely revealed themselves and they seek an end more disastrous than you can imagine. Six of the Seven great empires of Faerun must unite if they are to survive. For already have the Giants turned their back on the realms and chosen servitude and a quick death rather than the agony of struggle. Three forces of Tremendous darkness have waited biding their time. For more than 6,000 years they have built upon their forces prodding the rest of Faerun into isolationism and xenophobia using the mortal races as pawns in their perilous agenda. Now their time of opportunity has finally arrived for they have gathered together the very weapons whose use preceded the Age of Nightmares and they now believe their armies finally ready.

I have seen a devastation that no words could convey the totality of the despair that will come is a darkness so bleak that even those forces that pursue it will regret the rewards they reap. Collectively you have seen a glimpse or fraction of each of these factions for at least one amongst you calls each of these dooming forces friend or ally and this too is a part of their power for they have masterfully divided Faerun for Millennium. Know this though if they succeed in keeping divided the six remaining empires of Faerun then all will suffer and perish and none shall be spared the void. Like the six mortal empires of Faerun you too stand on the brink of peril. It is your peculiarity that brought me to gaze upon your futures for most bands of heroes stand united by a common belief but you stand united despite the opposition of your beliefs. You alone of the many heroes Faerun has to offer have so many pieces of this puzzle it reminds me that the Fates however fickle have clever judgment. The Rune of Ending rises to its epoc this year. When it does the battle in earnest shall surely be underway. The Rune is not as most people suspect a blessing to protect us, but instead it is a curse for what we have done to the gods that we might suffer with the memory and knowledge of our betrayals until they are put right again. Again I implore you if Faerun is to endure the war to come you must unite the Dwarves of the earth, the Elves of the Forest, The Gnomes of Iron, The Hunters of the Southern plains, The Orcish empire that is so beset, and the Humans far to the east that still cling to the fire of hope if any are to be spared.

Oola Heir of Selendria

Dialogue of the seer

Astannas Dawn dathen