Advise Letters

Great Heroes

I am sorry to have been forced to part in such a manner but often great sacrifices must be made if we are to have a true chance at success. I have included a map that shows some of the places you must visit or unite if this world is to survive. As you can see the forces of the demon lord are powerful indeed and you must not pursue the accursed scorched lands until you are prepared to face them.

But do not lose heart for in taking me they have revealed that they too do not know the location of the Throne of Bones and I swear I shall not make it easy for them to find. I have included some items that may help you. Each are quite powerful and you should exercise caution before using them.

The wine is a personal favorite and I have always found it to be inspirational I recommend that when you are ready to begin your journey to the scorched lands that open it perhaps a shared glass will bring you insight into the best paths.

Not all destinies are easily read. Some shift about like a cloud in the wind changing shape, potential and even purpose too often to truly know what will be. The urn contains one such destiny that like yours I cannot be entirely certain of its ultimate purpose but perhaps it may help you in your destinies.

Advise Letters

Astannas Dawn dathen