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  • Aggamar

    Orcish Empire -more to come Capitol: [[Grud'Takma]] [[Places]]: [[groppton]], [[rotmor]], [[westwall]], [[northwall]], [[eastgate]], [[krakenfell]] [[Lair of Kurthakilkallum]] [[Main Page]]

  • groppton

    Western agricultural settlement very small. contains the [[Groppton Supply]] Recently besieged by what an enormous imperial sky fleet without notice, declaration of war, or apparent gain to the empire. Leaving the question of what possible value …

  • westwall

    Western Military outpost that has grown into a small city sometimes called "the last stop" by merchants who travel Aggamar east to west from Krakenfell to Westwall selling wares. Features: [[Two Arms Inn]] [[Evokers Hall]] [[Soured Crumpet]] [[Syber …

  • Sharpened Knives

    The thieves guild of Westwall. In theory it operates as a independent criminal organization however in practice it is actually controlled exclusively by the Syber Fangs and the Ogertas crime family each vying for control of the guild and thereby total …