A sturdy set of Mithril Full-Plate armor with a black onyx circle in the breastplate that has a carving of a tree.

The suit of armor seems to be constructed for a Humanoid of at least 6’2 perhaps larger. It is appears to be constructed from interlocking sheets of flexible mithril and has two long, thin, vertical slits in the back near the shoulders.

The wearer of Kladokazul feels not only unencumbered by the armor but actually invigorated and strengthened. Anyone wearing Kladokazul may treat themselves in the light load capacity even if carrying a medium load and may travel up to 10 hours before making a constitution check for exhaustion.

Additionally Kladokazul has many powers when specific command words are said aloud to it (or near it) in dwarvish. These commands are as follows:

Gorak: By speaking aloud the dwarvish word Gorak the wearer of the armor can then disguise its shape and materials in an illusion (glamer) so that it resembles whatever type of normal cloth outfit the wearer desires. Kladokazul may not be able to emulate the appearance of all clothes or jewelry but those of lesser or more common values should pose no difficulty for it.

Dok: if the wearer (or anyone nearby) speaks aloud the dwarvish word Dok then any illusion made via using the word Gorak will be dismissed revealing the armor in its natural state.

Kladokazul Or Baraz Rik A Thorivhaire Un Duraz Grund: By declaring aloud Kladokazul Or Baraz Rik A Thorivhaire Un Duraz Grund which if translated from Dwarvish means “Kladokazul I serve (oath-swear to) the king of Thorivhaire and the Stonehammers”
Kladokazul can be summoned from anywhere on the same plane of existence appearing on the speaker if he/she is not wearing armor and next to the speaker should they already be wearing armor.


Crafted by Kravashk Stoneshield and enchanted by Kravashk Stoneshield, Kurt Skybar, and Mark Sharpsteel in the sacred forges of Thorivhaire.

The name Kladokazul is dwarvish arriving from the root dwarven words of Klad, Ok, and Azul if you were to construct them into a dwarvish sentence and translate it into the Common tongue it would most likely come out as sturdy/strong armor of cunning or perhaps a cunningly strong armor. While the Armor is named Kladokazul in the dwarven tradition of manufactured complex conjunctive nouns if you were to discuss its roots in dwarvish it would be spoken as Azul Ok Klad or Ok Azul Klad.


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