Kemix Rockhunter

A fence of the Ogertas family in Westwall, and a associate of Ciri Intona's


A tall human standing almost six feet. He wears rugged yet well kept clothes preferring good linens and cottons in whites and green for the most part. He has shoulder length black hair cut slightly shorter in front and often pulled into a ponytail. He carries with him a crossbow and rapier at all times but never seems to wear any sort of armor, giving the appearance that he is ready for danger at a moments notice but is trusting it will not come to that. He wears some finer trinkets and rings indicating he is a man of wealth and means to those paying close attention but otherwise appears quite plain. Though still quite young his skin shows the lines of age and hard work and from time to time his disposition shows a lack of patience like that of a man too often tried.


Fence for the Ogertas crime family/syndicate out of Westwall and a Member of the Sharpened Knives thieves guild in Westwall. A friend of Ciri Intona

Kemix Rockhunter

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