Imsh Weakarm

Short for an Orc Imsh stands only 5'5 due mainly to a slight haunch. His right arm is smaller and slightly gnarled than his left arm and he bears a few scars across his face and body.


Imsh is a small Orc with a slightly pronounced haunch and a shriveled arm. To the unaware he appears to be little more than a well dressed cripple. However on the rare occasions he is observed using magic people report almost seeing a different Orc. When casting magic he seems to stand straight and with confidence giving him several inches of height from seemingly nowhere and he moves his body as if he is without pain or injury even using his right arm without error.

Imsh has a fascination with magic and while he rarely casts spells unless they are needed he is often found reading about various arcane matrix’s and spending several additional or “unnecessary” hours of spell preparation.

Imsh always wears fine robes usually in reds or browns and carries a number of pouches, scroll tubes, and sometimes books with him. He is almost never without his wizards staff.


Imsh Weakarm is something of an oddity for an Orc. He was never very strong and yet he survived because he was always much more clever than the other orcs around him. Nevertheless he spent his youth being bullied, humiliated, and despised by his peers both for his weakness and his wit. It therefore came as no surprise that when Imsh turned 14 he decided to leave Krakenfell where he was born and travel to Grud’takma where he would eventually be accepted to study magic with the Wizards of the Black Tower. Eventually Imsh was sent from the tower on the “Rin-Walt” a magical journey to explore the realms outside the Kingdoms boundaries only to return after a year. The Rin-Walt is an ancient and seldom used tradition and it was clear he was selected for this right of passage because of some slight or dislike the Tower Masters had with him or perhaps because of his deformities. When a year passed and he had not returned no one from the Black Tower mourned his loss. However five years after his exile from the Kingdom of Aggamar he returned to the community of Westwall with another Wizard a human named Ellian and together they formed a magic guild called the Evokers Hall and pledged to teach students magic and protect the Kingdom.

Imsh Weakarm

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