Standing 5'8 wearing blue and white robes and a dark cloak. The human man before you seems almost too young to possess the grace and wisdom that he demonstrates.


Ellian is young confident human man. He is slightly above average height and always dresses in the same manner wearing his favorite robes and cloak carrying an arcane staff topped with a blue crystal phoenix that sometimes seems to glow with a light of its own. He is almost always accompanied by a raven he calls Arthax.


Ellian is the founder and head instructor of the Evokers Hall in Westwall. He is rather peculiar for a Evoker having a very calm and compassionate demeanor and being well known for extensive reserves of patience and thoughtfulness. Nevertheless he is indisputably a very powerful wizard and few of those foolish enough to confuse his kindness for weakness have survived the mistake.

Ellian seems to have a very close and trusting friendship with Imsh Weakarm a slightly crippled orc evoker who along with Ellian runs the Evokers Hall. Imsh and Ellian have never openly disagreed about anything.

Ellian is stern and inflexible about only one thing his rule that within the confines of the Evokers Hall no divination magic is permitted. Technically the rule is that no unauthorized magic is allowed within the confines of the Evokers Hall however Imsh and Ellian are generally very lenient when it comes to harmless non divination magic that is not done for malicious purposes. However they are completely inflexible and even wrathful to those who disrespect the rule and use divination magic within the confines of the Evokers Hall. Ellian claims the Hall is a sanctuary for the mages and students within and that all should feel safe and unscrutinized within their homes and domiciles.


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