A tall powerful looking Orc with a number of tattoos and fire symbols about his body and a almost unsettling bloodthirsty calm about him.


Clugot is slightly above average height for an Orc standing at about 6’3 he dresses in simple clothes and robes preferring bright reds and yellows. He is often impetuous, arrogant, and very drawn to violent displays of power yet despite these personality traits he is very selective about who or what he directs his wrath towards and is always extremely respectful and obedient of both Imsh and Ellian.


Clugot loves violence and as far as anyone can recall he always has. Yet despite his chaotic and violent temperament he is very regimented acting more often like a well disciplined soldier than the chaotic fire worshiping sociopath he sometimes appears to be. Nevertheless some students of the Evokers Hall whisper of stories that long ago Clugot used to drink and that often many people even a good number of innocent students would end up hurt or even dead for little to no reason. Whether there is any truth to the story or not remains a mystery but whatever the case none of the current students claim to be able to recall Clugot drinking anything other than his lunch water ration in the past many years and it is clear that Imsh and Ellian trust him.


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