Ciri Intona

Standing roughly 6'6 the creature before you has long black hair that falls beside two massive dark wings tipped with cruel looking barbs and from her brow jut two long dark horns.


After pledging herself fully to Azraghal the Dark Lord of Chaos and allowing his demonic energies to flow freely into her mortal form much of Ciri’s body changed to match the twisted and demonic wracks upon her soul. her skin hardened looking like coarse alabaster where ever there were not dark patches of demonic scale. Sometimes the white skin would crack open often revealing rivulets of crimson blood so hot they would often be accompanied by a flicker of flame.


Ciri Intona grew up in the mighty Citadel adopted by holy knights that fought to contain the spread of death from the undying lords of the east.

However darkness was in her blood and she soon became suspicious and ostracized for her differences and demonic bloodline. It later became clear to Ciri that she was in fact the Heir of Azraghal and that it was the banished demon lords influence that corrupted her bloodline.

For many years she fought the demonic influence and tried valiantly to maintain a sense of individuality and freedom from the dark and oppressive destiny that lay before her until one day the lure of power became to much to resist and Ciri embraced her demonic destiny and set forth to find the Throne of Bone and free Azraghal from his celestial prison.

Ciri Intona

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