Astannas Dawn

Adventure thus far.

After scouring westwall for Kurt Skybar. Ciri, Bellatrix, Tsarra, Dontino, Decker, and Poppin eventually found him surrounded by Sergeants of Keth Bloodfang and being assaulted by them. They intervened and after a tough fight defeated the Sergeants (too bad Mark was not there his explosive fireballs could have really helped)

Afterwords Poppin, Decker, Kurt, Dontino, and Bellatrix went off to the Soured Crumpet to wait for Kemix’s arrival while Ciri and Tsarra stayed behind. Tsarra animated one of the sergeants into a skeleton and they placed the rest of the corpses having already stripped them of any valuables in one of the nearby dilapidated buildings and set it on fire then Ciri just stared gleefully at the burning building for the better part of two hours until the building had mostly burnt down.

Afterwords Tsarra and her new companion went to join the rest of the party at the Soured Crumpet and Ciri went off to find Mark at the Evokers Hall and tell him what had happened and ask him to join people at the Soured Crumpet as soon as he could.

Then Ciri sought out Kemix who seemed to be hiding in a large abandoned Manor very near the lower commons cemetery and convinced him to come buy their newly acquired goods despite his paranoid manner and the large entourage of bodyguards he brought with him

Shortly after Ciri returned to the Soured Crumpet Kemix showed up with 23 body guards but was considerably less agitated. Once again he regretfully negotiated with Mark Sharpsteel over the sum paid for the goods but afterwords suggested to Mark that perhaps he would hire him sometime to do some large scale trading in Grud’Takma

Then the party decided to rest and lay low doing some recovery, shopping, and personal business over the next 32 hours

April 9th 2011



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