Welcome to Astanna’s Dawn!

A once prosperous world brought to the very brink of annihilation and ravaged by darkness and a series of vile calamities for over six thousand years.

The Age of Heroes is dead. The gods stand in silence seemingly unmoved by the hardships that their worshipers endure each day. Countless generations have now grown up with only the myth of the great nations and empires that once were. The Elves of old have long since vanished perhaps never to return and the great stone halls of the Dwarf lords have long since been despoiled by their ancient enemies.

The world has become a very different place.

Yet a new tide of change seems to be rising. In the west the secluded gnomes have emerged with strange new weapons, devices, and an army of sentient machine people. The Orcish empire of Aggamar has grown softer over the last several millennium making a civilized people that with the right leadership could perhaps live in harmony with other nations. In the east a radiant holy light has arisen and people from all over Faerun seemed inspired and drawn to it to resist the spread of darkness and death that sweeps the land. And still rumors of others that refuse to lay down in the face of almost certain destruction continue to persist. Tales of a secret realm of the elves hidden deep in the forsaken forests preparing to strike back at this spread of evil, and of the small folk gathering in the savage plains conquering the threat of beasts many times their size living as free nomads despite the many dangers of the savage world. Some even speak of a secret group of Giants who plot to destroy their dark masters from within.

So come fellow adventurer explore the annals of those who have come before you. Meet some of the others who like you will shape this world for the better. Hopefully…

The Rune of Ending is nearing its apex a new era is surely upon us so look to the east for the guidance of Astanna’s holy light and pray this dawn is Astanna’s Dawn.

Astannas Dawn

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